Yew Fountain pen


A hand turned fountain pen from an yew blank with an Iridium point and chrome. Featuring a screw on cap. Grain may vary.

This Irish Pen is handcrafted on the scenic West coast of Ireland by Irish Pen Maker James Billings. Each of our unique pens are characterised by their blend of distinctive colours, utilising materials such as Walnut, Chrome, Birch and Ash, elegant lines and a timeless design.

This Yew blank with an Iridium point and chrome Fountain Pen will offer a luxurious writing experience.

This luxury handmade pen is the ideal business gift, birthday gift, thank you gifts, retirement gifts and graduation gifts for that special person.

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions170 × 40 × 25 cm

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  1. Johanna Stangroom (verified owner)

    Really like the pen! Also the package and the beautifully written: Hand-turned by Tristan sticker.
    Maybe a little note on how to put the cartridge in place could be helpful?

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