Lakewood and Mahogany rollerball with Chrome


A hand-turned rollerball pen in Lakewood, Mahogany and Chrome.

This is ancient timber that has been salvaged from a nearby lake. The lack of oxygen in the silt preserves the wood for many hundreds of years. It is very sought-after for decorative pieces. Good pieces are quite hard to get and of great historical significance.

James Billings Pens are handcrafted on the scenic West coast of Ireland. Each of our unique pens are characterised by their blend of distinctive colours, utilising materials such as Walnut, Chrome, Birth and Ash, elegant lines and a timeless design.

This hand turned Lakewood and Mahogany and Chrome Rollerball Pen will offer a luxurious writing experience.

This luxury handmade pen is the ideal business gift, birthday gift, thank you gifts, retirement gifts, and graduation gifts for that special person.

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